sometimes when my brain is congested, it coughs, and words come out.

i got some sweet headshots (for my filmmaking), done by my talented friend Ashley Elizabeth. let us know what you think!

-the dust dances too

“i love you with claws
and lungs, a longing
to tear open the sky
to feel against me warmth
(your shade and color)
to be burned by
that beautiful quality
of light.”

“to create cosmos from chaos;
this is why we write and breathe and love.”

i think i’ve found a place,
a somewhere in the dark feathers of the night
and dewy light of stars between our toes and on our lips,
(are we in this world, or another?) the wild and beautiful,
perchance we’ll stay here forever,
or fly away.

- the dust dances too

so my friends and i are going to the beach this weekend and all i can think of is that i’m going to miss my favorite library book sale.

they want to pick up some cute girls, i just want to pick up some cool books.

crawl in and pull the shadows close.
i listen to the perfect echoes,
the thunder of your blood and bones; 
it’s here i find the secrets
that keep storms away.

- thedustdancestoo

that moment you see that Joseph Gordon-Levitt announces your tiny story is being turned into a film for the hitRECord TV show. 

*awkward celebratory dance*

don’t forget,
our skin 
and bones
are living

- the dust dances too

“and here, with you, i wonder if we have the power to control weather. or waves. to mold patterns and movements and air with our hands and our lips. we are unpredictable and destructive and perfect (aren’t we?). i wonder if we might be deities, or just children— lost and aimless, swept away and clinging to each other. hoping. dreaming. touching nature and praying for something beautiful.”

we will find old oceans
dark and deep and sun-lined
where we breathe
pressed against
we feel (everything)
as the waves leave
their marks on us 
and through us
the earth will know
the meaning of love.

- the dust dances too