sometimes when my brain is congested, it coughs, and words come out.

we keep still. adolescent gods
of skin and splendor and dewy oak
counting the worlds we will conquer
once our wings grow. and softly
you say that eternity is somewhere here
in the moonlight and air, that it could be ours
if i would just lean in close and take it.

- the dust dances too

this orbit of atoms, yours and mine,
pulses and electrical patterns
(there are suns less bright than this)
the verses we write when we run
arms spread and winged,
leaving traces of light behind.

- thedustdancestoo

this is a video i made that won first prize for the Wake Up the World film competition. i get to fly to LA to meet with an NBC Executive, so thanks to everyone who voted for me to get to the final round!

if you haven’t watched it yet, check it out!

keep being creative and telling your story. let’s wake up the world! 
the dust dances too

how do i show my love with these lungs?
imperfect, quivering.
the whispers of calloused words
and clumsy lips
can move the sea
(and light heaven)
there is a rhythm we share,
perfect and flawed,
a way we love and breathe,
as if we are both gods and animals.

-the dust dances too

for you
i write with horizons,
fused pulsations 
of light 
and burning skies.
what a dangerous place this,
what i have carved
love into
a whisper in your hand, a kiss,
it is all i have to give.

the dust dances too

words i can never spell: resteraunt and rythymh.

if one has children, they are able to:

  • play Legos without being condemned as being too old
  • have Nerf/Super Soaker battles whenever you wish
  • run around playing Star Wars dress up all afternoon
  • build tree forts and create secret codes
  • make a space ship or submarine out of a cardboard box
  • set up blanket forts and read scary stories by flashlight
  • watch cartoons and eat Rice Crispy Treat cereal
  • have someone to snuggle with during lightning storms

so yeah. time to have some babies.

there are lies in light,
refractions of rabbits
that kiss the mind and dance
poison dreams to awake to.
don’t get lost. there is poetry
inside you, thunder. lightning.
glass is not always transparent,
it does not show
your most beautiful parts.

“will we remember each other when the sun rises?”

and this is the only love i have,

my hands
my lips
my thoughts
my lungs
my words
my ink
my heart

(my life)