sometimes when my brain is congested, it coughs, and words come out.

“there are embers inside the dark places
desperate for the air in your lungs.”

—   thedustdancestoo


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temp tattoo on my foot by Family Affairs

some photos I took for my lovely, talented friend the clothes horse.

there are dark and beautiful flames
giving warmth to space. collisions
of atoms and lungs. we too are burning—
a feathered beating and echoes
of distant oceans.

“i have wounds, i have loved.”

—   thedustdancestoo

“Have enough courage to love.”

—   Maya Angelou 

“and now, from your lips,
a haiku left on my skin.”

—   thedustdancestoo
my brother and my nephew are cool dudes.

my brother and my nephew are cool dudes.

when i reached into light
there was gravity,
and there was you.

you are under the moon
and porch light shadows.
my hands are in my pockets,
and the trees shiver.
when i say “good night,”
i mean

kiss me
kiss me
kiss me

“i wish i could tell you this every morning you awake; that you are enough. that you are an intricate, vibrant life. that every soft breath from your lips, and every timid heartbeat, is precious and beautiful.”

—   thedustdancestoo