sometimes when my brain is congested, it coughs, and words come out.

“because you aren’t afraid to kiss the dirt
(and consequently dare to climb the sky)”

—   e.e. cummings
music is awesome.
so in honor of music, here are my favorite albums (by bands/artists) ever:

The Creek Drank The Cradle — Iron and Wine
Bookends — Simon and Garfunkel
Cherry Tree EP — The National
The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place — Explosions in the Sky
A Rush of Blood to the Head — Coldplay
For Emma, Long Ago — Bon Iver
Sigh No More — Mumford and Sons
Time Without Consequences — Alexi Murdoch
Love is the Thing — Nat King Cole
and my favorite album of all time:
Boxer — The National
i know you love music too, so what are yours?

anyone want to hitchhike across America with me? possibly make a documentary?

if there is a death for me
it is here, in hearts and arms
(the love we touch)
i can hear the tremor
of your life so softly

“But I have a new love for that glittering instrument, the human soul. It is a lovely and unique thing in the universe. It is always attacked and never destroyed…”

—   John Steinbeck from East of Eden

that shiver
you passed along,
on empty ridges of skin.
come soul, kiss another,
we’re mortal
let us remember
the meaning

there is a longing
to discover you,
each secret and scar;
to explore infinity.

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the warm knowledge of proximity,
i shut my eyes
to be closer—
to your music, your thoughts.
the world has a heartbeat
and you,
a universe.

what are your favorite netflix shows right now?