sometimes when my brain is congested, it coughs, and words come out.

i have been here
before and after
but never forever;
that is a place
i saved for you.

                                        a kiss
          is another way to whisper
                                   ”i’m here”

fly·ing /flī-iNG/ (adj.)

an act, 
to disregard the rules
of atmosphere
    tie your laces
    so your shoes don’t fall off

to exhale 
   keep your eyes closed
will be OK
love is something
to release

“I see that life itself is often more fantastic and terrible than the stories we believed as children, and that perhaps there is no harm in finding magic among the trees.”

—   Eowyn Ivey from the Snow Child

when we get lost, and find another world.

is there really any difference
between love and a black hole?
an event horizon, a kiss,
no one has ever come back
from either.

i’ve always thought

your imperfections
are what make
you perfect.

here’s my hand.
(please hold it)

I made this video over the summer with my dear friend, The Clothes Horse.

Just thought I’d share it again, if anyone needed a reminder of warm air and summer nights. we like it, hope you do too :)

what’s the point of breathing if your heart doesn’t move?

in the safe arms of her room she hid,
she never fell or bled; she never flew.

what a terrible beauty
this simple thing,
learning how to breathe