sometimes when my brain is congested, it coughs, and words come out.

half full.

she wore life

with a smile

and a navy blue cardigan,

sketching hope


into the palm of her hand

with red ink.

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to: hope.

if i could

just catch you

inside the tiny cavern

of these clasped hands,

i’d hold onto you forever.

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i do.

if i had a heart,

i’d make music.

i’d love,

i’d hope,

i’d believe

in something more

than myself,

something more

than brokeness

and lonely nights.

i’d see beauty,


and forgiveness

in the sunrise,

and i’d inhale it.

if i had a heart,

i’d make music

loud enough

to move waves,


and clouds.

if i had a heart,

i’d love you

every second

every second

every second

it beat.

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old stars.

i know its dark, i know,

standing beneath this moonless night.

but even when we’re burned out,

we still give off some light.

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the day our two shoulders fell.

i was in science class, i think,

when it happened (the memories

smolder in my mind, like forgotten

time) yes, i remember the smell

of formaldehyde (the perfume

of the dead) burning our noses

as we looked above our heads,

eyes glued to the television

watching the skies, a storm

of smoke and flames, burning

over a city (like a metallic volcano)

a city— holding hands,

holding our breath

on the day our two shoulders

slumped, and fell,

i wished we had never

invented planes i wished

those bodies that hit

the pavement were tiny drops

of rain, and that gravity

had never existed, or at least

wasn’t so bitter and deliberate

i wished everyone had wings

or magic rings to take them

away to somewhere better

i wished heroes were always

stronger than villians,

and that hearts could only hold love

and every fallen soul

that day could find their way

back to the arms that wanted

and needed to hold them most,

to the lips that wanted and needed

to whisper, to shout i love you

i love you i love you i love you

i love you i love you i love you

i love you i love you i love you

but no, wishes aren’t always

granted, and even though

ten years have passed, that scent

of formaldehyde is branded

within me, the day our two shoulders

fell we realized the ground

was closer than we thought,

and that life was almost

too delicate

to touch

but smoke doesn’t dissapate

from hearts and minds

that love, we remember

(we won’t forget, we won’t)

and hope, (we will hope)

because we are more

than a city, a country, a nation,

we are a family of sisters, brothers,

fathers, mothers, cousins, 

acquaintances, friends, and lovers

still holding hands, still breathing

and hate cannot make us fall,

we are together, on each other’s

shoulders still standing tall

side by side watching the sun

rise, it tells us a new day

is here, a day without fear, 

and we will remember

to whisper, to shout, i love you

i love you i love you i love you

i love you i love you i love you

i love you i love you i love you

to the ones we lost in the smoke,

to the ones we care so much for

we could choke on all the love

inside, and to life

(we won’t forget, we wont)

we will hope,

(we will still hope).

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poems on ships.

we are bright souls,


and beautiful lyrics


amidst the glory

of stars.

we are poems

on ships,

whispered by holy lips


towards the brilliance of

the sun.

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a forgotten path.

i crush wildflowers

beneath my toes

looking ahead (always

ahead) for an agarwood

door at the end

of the field.

what dreams hide there?

what love awaits?

the tall grass sways

and tickles my legs

playful in the breeze,

the perfumes of dusk.

small remnants of prayers,

fresh rain, and the scent

left by a ghost’s touch

joining in the air,

in the light,

it all wraps around me—

i’m lost (i’m found)

my hair is tangled

in the sun, as i walk.

what dreams hide there?

what love awaits?

a deep breath, filling lungs

impatient for life,

i will continue on

down this forgotten path

of forgotten fences,

wise old books, and rusted


what dreams hide there?

what love awaits?

i wander on, with weary feet

in search of a door

(and a beginning)

at the end of the field.

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where did you come from?

what hell were you conceived in?

the power to devour,

why did you receive it?

oh, you can take our body,

our bodies are fleeting,

but life will keep living,

lungs will keep breathing,

and the hearts that have beaten

will continue their beating.

death is just an end,

and we are all near it,

so take what you will,

but you can’t take our spirit.

take what you will,

but you can’t take our spirit.

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hope (fully?).


amidst the rotting 

hearts and moldy jeans

we have love

in our pockets.

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