sometimes when my brain is congested, it coughs, and words come out.

someday our hands should meet.

do you feel it?

that fierce sensation

of fingertips

coming together,

all tangled up

like drunken galaxies,


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i look up to you.

oh that i was brave

like you, dear moon,

undaunted by the night,

continuing on—

rising each time you fall.

a romantic soul

fervently chasing the day,

defiant to the darkness,

on a great eternal quest

to catch the sun.

(Source: thedustdancestoo)

moments before a hurricane.

you’re like the wind, so coy,

brushing against my arm as you

draw masterpieces in the sand

with your toe. your eyes sweep over

me, slowly retreating to the ocean.

teasing glances, like the surf at our feet.

gently pulling me closer. what mysteries

hide beneath that smile? what thoughts

run through your head? lighting touches

the water, miles away, near the horizon. 

a storm approaches.

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haiku #60.

the grass remembers

the weight of timid kisses

stolen in starlight

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an earthquake? (a kiss?)

this tremor prevails

the substructure of my heart;

shaking its core and reviving 

its hollow shell—

oh sweet, love,

whisper to me again,

whisper to me again.

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haiku #55.

plant me in your mind.

i want to take root, and drink

deeply from your thoughts

(Source: thedustdancestoo)

a midnight dream.

(a whisper)

meet me there.

a quiet mist

descends over

the lake, settling,


(like space dust)

over the dark water.

our dangling feet hide

somewhere in the haze—

meet me there,

you had whispered.

at the old cedar dock

we carved our names into.

you’re silent now;

a breathing mystery,

an enigma, exhaling.

(kiss me before i awake)

i wished to tell you secrets,

secrets only you

and the water would hear;

but i was afraid. afraid

of being a fool,

afraid of waking up.

you breathed out

dipping your toes in

quick, parting the cloud,

sending ripples

through a tiny universe

of misted stars.

you shivered,

and i pulled you close.

(a whisper)

meet me here, forever.

(Source: thedustdancestoo)

haiku #52.

i wish i were air

in your lungs, giving you life,

brushing past your lips

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haiku #51.

my heart is washed up,

hidden by sand and seaweed—

i hope you find it

(Source: thedustdancestoo)

haiku #50.

i tied a secret

to the sunset, shh. listen.

it will reach you soon

(Source: thedustdancestoo)